Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court in the San Fernando Valley

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The Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court in the San Fernando Valley is divisional office of the United States Bankruptcy Court – Central Division of California.  I also sometimes refer to as the San Fernando Valley Bankruptcy Court. The Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court is located near Warner Center on Burbank Blvd. between Canoga Ave and De Soto Ave.

In addition to downtown, it is one of locations where I primarily practice law. It is also where you will frequently find me assisting Pro Se Debtors at the “Self-Help Desk” and giving lectures on how to file bankruptcy.

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Street Address:
21041 Burbank Boulevard
Woodland Hills, California 91367-6609

Website: http://www.cacb.uscourts.gov/
General Information: 818-587-2900
Voice Case Informaton System: 213-894-4111 or 866-522-6053

The San Fernando Valley division of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court – Central Division in Woodland Hills used to serve the Antelope Valley in addition to the San Fernando Valley itself, but my clients in the Antelope Valley started filing downtown in 2010.

The Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court is open 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday and parking is available without charge.

Perhaps, I will see you at the San Fernando Valley Bankruptcy Court’s “Self-Help Desk” and feel free to contact me regarding my next seminar for Pro Se Debtors in the San Fernando Valley and beyond. 

Here I am at the Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Self-Help Desk. Out the window, you can see people lining up so get there early.

The Bankruptcy “Self-Help Desk” Project is provided free of charge as a joint project of Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, the San Fernando Valley Bar Association, the Central District Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys Association, and the Public Counsel Law Center’s Debtor Assistance Project.

The United States Bankruptcy Court – Central District – San Fernando Valley Division in Woodland Hills provides an impressive array of self-help services of which it is an honor to be a part. The quality of the judiciary is also very solid.

While the Woodland Hills Bankruptcy Court is by no means one of those historic courthouses with interesting architecture, from judges, clerks, and security guards to incredible volunteer staff, it is a privilege to practice the law between these four walls. As unpleasant as some may find the bankruptcy process, filing bankruptcy in Woodland Hills is a comparatively good experience with many people whose goal it is to assist you.


  • Lou Elias says:

    The IRS is killing me, not to mention two or three other companies
    that have been threatening and harassing me for sometime.

    Lou Elias



  • Shelia Graham says:

    Hello I recently file for emency bankrupcy and Im fight an evction I live in a trailer Park can the landlord rent the space out evn though I have a adomactic stay from the bankrupcy court to stay on that space

  • Bruce says:

    Can a bankruptcy court force a person to sell their only vehicle, valued at about $7,000 to pay creditors owed over $50,000 in credit card debt? This is the only asset I have.

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  • Sheri Baker says:

    I am 42 and 15 weeks pregnant with my first child AND fighting an eviction. I just filed an emergency bankruptcy. I have actually been bankrupt for 2 years but I have issues with depression and anxiety…I am also on unemployment, as I lost my job of 9 years last May. I am being evicted because my unemployment money came late in March and my landlord would not accept a late payment even though I was the one to call the NEW Manager to let her know we COULD pay within the week. The OLD manager had a 3-day Notice to Pay or Quit posted on my door after 3 DAYS. Well, I called on either the 10th or 14th of March to let the new manager know what was going on and she had NO IDEA we were late because we usually pay online and she had not been given access to that website yet. That SAME DAY, after calling HER supervisor, we had a 3-Day Notice on our door. The trial has been postponed to July 5th due to my filing for bankruptcy. What are the chances that we get more time to find a place to move? We need time to save enough money to move and my unemployment has been problematic in getting me my claim forms on time. My last payment was on 5/06/13! I was sent a letter stating that I automatically qualify for an extension and that “I do not need to do anything” as, they will mail me the forms….I have yet to see those forms and I have been so caught-up with the stress of the eviction that weeks have gone by before I noticed that I wasn’t receiving my unemployment regularly. Please advise.
    Thank you,
    Sheri Baker

  • Luis A. Burciaga-Diaz says:

    Hi Mrs. Ilyse Klavir, when on the month of July 2013 you are going to be on the selp help desk on Woodland Hills?

    Thank you!

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