Lancaster Foreclosures through April 2011

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Foreclosures in Lancaster, CA in a similar fashion to foreclosures in Palmdale and other areas of the Antelope Valley are trending downward. Lancaster as you might know is the home of my main law office where I specialize in bankruptcy practice even while I have expanded to other areas of the law.

Notices of Default are down 15.96% (213 to 179) from the prior month and 26.34% from the prior year (243 to 179).  Bucking the downward trend, Notices of Sale were UP for the month of April (182 to 193), but over the course of the last 12 months are down 35.45% from the prior year (299 to 193).

Graph of Foreclosure Filings in Lancaster,CA

Unlike Palmdale, where the Time to Foreclose was significantly higher, the Time to Foreclose in Lancaster was relatively flat. In the prior 12 months, the Time to Foreclose was up, but only slightly by 7.94% or 277 days in April 2010 compared to 299 days in April 2011.

Graph of Time to Foreclose in Lancaster,CA

Again, the inescapable impression is things are getting better, but this does not diminish the pain that is still all too prevalent in our community in Lancaster. Interestingly, Palmdale seems to have improved a little more than Lancaster in comparison to my Palmdale Foreclosures post, but improvement is improvement. I know I am still hard at work as a bankruptcy attorney representing the interest of many debtors in Lancaster and throughout the Antelope Valley.

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